Transforming Energy Insights into Savings

Aug 3, 2023

The age-old adage "time is money" has an often overlooked cousin in the energy sector - "waste is cost". Energy inefficiency, with its hidden costs, can make a significant dent in a business's bottom line. In the Middle East, a lack of detailed information and insights on energy usage often leads managers to rely on guesswork rather than data-driven strategies to address these issues.

Enter the Amp platform; it's about bridging the gap between data points and action on the ground. Leveraging real-time data analytics, our platform doesn't stop at identifying energy inefficiencies-it also provides meaningful recommendations for improvement, backed by savings forecasts. Our advanced system keeps a vigilant eye on energy consumption patters, alerting users to any anomalies or unusual behaviors, such as equipment left on standby overnight. With our platform, it's as if businesses have hired an entire energy management team - but in reality, it's all encapsulated in a single, intelligent platform.

Take for instance the case of an appliance left on standby overnight by one of our F&B customers. Although a seemingly minor oversight, our analysis revealed that simply turning off this machine at the end of the day could save over $1,150 annually for a single location. This type of energy waste, often referred to as 'vampire loads', are commonplace and readily rectified with data-driven support.

Energy Efficiency Graph

Our platform offers comprehensive energy-saving opportunities. From providing granular insights on equipment performance, identifying unusual behaviors such as overnight consumption, to recommending necessary maintenance or behavioral modifications, all with projected savings forecasts.

We offer a scalable solution that integrates across a broad portfolio of assets, making it ideal for commercial spaces like offices, F&B outlets, supermarkets, schools and office buildings. Managers can compare equipment performance across their portfolio, enabling targeted remediation where needed.

While renewable energy initiatives are gaining traction in the Middle East, energy efficiency remains a pivotal aspect of reaching net-zero goals. Government incentives and programs are now taking this into consideration. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, penalties are levied for inefficient energy consumption in monthly utility bills. By adopting our platform, businesses not only address the ever evolving policy environment, but ultimately contribute to wider environmental targets in line with the region's various visions.

Our approachable team of experts are here to help you maximize these benefits. We're not just a tech startup; we're your partner in intelligent energy management. Together, we can turn the hidden costs of energy inefficiency into significant savings for your business. It's that simple.

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