Metering & Monitoring for Corporate Sustainability

Nov 1, 2023

Amidst the vibrant discussions anticipated at COP28 in the UAE, corporations are turning the spotlight on Scope 2 emissions - those indirect emissions from purchased electricity, steam, heating, and cooling. In the pursuit of sustainability, managing Scope 2 emissions is not just a regulatory compliance act but a strategic move towards genuine environmental stewardship.

Scope 2 and Net Zero: A Crucial Nexus

Scope 1,2,3 emissions GHG

Source: GHG Protocol

For the Middle East and its ambitious vision of a net-zero future, encapsulated in initiatives like the UAE's "Energy Strategy 2050," the management of Scope 2 emissions is pivotal. The focus isn't just on producing clean energy, but on ensuring that the energy consumed is accountable and efficiently utilized.

Precise metering and diligent monitoring are instrumental in dissecting the anatomy of a corporation's carbon footprint. For businesses, the ability to track and analyze their indirect energy consumption means that they can make informed decisions to source cleaner energy, invest in renewable options, purchase carbon credits or enact on energy efficiency projects - ultimately driving their emissions down.

Solutions like AmpEssential become the linchpin in this process. By providing detailed analytics on energy consumption, AmpEssential offers the granularity required to transform data into decisive climate action. As companies dissect their consumption patters, they gain clarity on where to direct their investments to optimize their energy profile and reduce waste and emissions accordingly.

A Unified Front in Climate Responsibility

The reduction of Scope 2 emissions is not a solo journey but a colelctive marathon. With metering and monitoring, businesses not only commit to the net-zero race but also set a pace that resonates with global climate goals. In the region hosting COP28, this collective effort is both a challenge and an opportunity to model sustainability in action.

As Amp stands at the intersection of technology and sustainability, we offer the tools for corporations to address Scope 2 emissions - integrating our solutions into the broader context of their sustainability narratives. In the spirit of COP28, we stand ready to empower every organization to measure, monitor and manage their journey to net-zero.

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